• Easy Brown Rice Kimbap Recipes
    As the weather is getting warmer, this kimbap or Korean sushi roll would make a great picnic food as it is easy to make using the leftover brown...
  • Easy Kimchi Fried Rice Recipes
    This is a great use of kimchi that you have in your refrigerator and some leftover rice. Make a easy kimchi fried rice for your family.
  • Easy Sweet Potatoes Brown Rice Recipes
    Sweet Potatoes Brown Rice. Another way to enjoy both healthy food by combining the two, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Sweet potato has the detox effect.
  • Easy Sweet Potatoes Rice Recipes
    Healthy Sweet Potatoes Rice cooked in a rice cooker. I used two different types of sweet potatoes, purple and orange color ones for the contrast for this rice.
  • Easy Spinach & Chicken Porridge Recipes
    With leftover packet of baby spinach, chicken breast (skinless), shallots, ginger and spring onions. This potful of basic Chinese congee recipe has always been my emergency pain reliever.
  • Easy Salmon Fried Rice Recipes
    I had leftover Salmon fillets and because I didn’t want our cosy apartment to stink of fish (ventilation in our building is hopeless!) again, a thought to give...
  • Easy Easy Steamed Nian Gao Recipes
    Nian gao or glutinous rice cake or sticky rice is a must have for Chinese New Year celebration because of its auspicious meanings. I am sharing my...
  • Easy Malaysian Png Kuih Recipes
    This is one of Malaysian favorite morning/night market snack. It can be served anytime, even pan-frying for the next day breakfast. The filling is glutinous rice...
  • Easy Turmeric Brown Rice Recipes
    Easy and healthy turmeric brown rice cooked with rice cooker. As you know, the active compound in turmeric is curcumin which said to be antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory,...
  • Easy Red Bean Black Glutinous Rice Soup Recipes
    Enjoy a bowl of delicious red beans and black glutinous rice sweet soup. Usually serve as dessert in Chinese household. Cook for 8 hours in a slow cooker.
  • Easy Sticky Rice With Coconut and Recipes
    This is my favorite all time dessert! I love the sticky rice texture with the sweet and creamy blend of coconut milk and yummy durian fruit. If you...
  • Easy One Pot Green Beans & Rice Recipes
    So what's the difference between french beans and Chinese green beans? According to the wild boar, Chinese green beans are more fibrous, tougher, greener but to me, french...