What is a Homepage Token?

Homepage Tokens are something that MyFoodRocks came up with so all of our users have the ability to be featured on our homepage. Typically our main homepage is designed to reward any of our user who submits an above average photograph with a unique description. If your photographs come from a camera phone then your submissions will most likely not be selected as a feature recipe, but if you use one of your "Homepage Tokens" we will be glad to feature you on the homepage even if you photograph is from a camera phone!

Can I be Featured Without a Homepage Token?

Yes, Nice photographs that are submitted with a Unique Description, related Title and proper URL will most likely be freatured on our homepage. If your submission is not selected as a "Featured" recipe you submission will always be displayed on our site under all the categories pages, "Approved" page and "All Recipes" page. MyFoodRocks will only reject submissions if they do not follow our terms and conditions. MyFoodRocks loves everyone!

Why do I Want Homepage Tokens?

Using Homepage Tokens guarantee that your submission will be featured on the main page. Our main page gets the most traffic and will most likely provide your site with the most traffic as well.

How do I get Homepage Tokens?

There are currently two ways that you can earn FREE homepage tokens. First, you get One FREE token just for signing up with us. Second, We are also giving away Five FREE tokens just to those who help support MyFoodRocks website by adding a link and/or image on your blog/website.